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martinez, jana katsuyama, channel 2 news. >>> we are live in san jose at the registrar of voters. are people still lining up to vote. >> you wouldn't be the amount of people, since the last report, we went in side and found about an hour wait if you plan to vote. we want to show you the workers are accepting the vote by mail ballots and like you said, there's less than two hours before the polls close. inside we saw a worker saying it would be a long night for them. south bay has a vote by mail population, 73% vote by mail choice about 600,000 people. we asked the rental various how he would describe voting today. >> not seeing any long lines, a lot of people dropping the ballots off and at the precincts, a lot of people are dropping them off. >>> and here is a live look at the line of carses waiting to come in. about a half a dozen workers are here trying to get them in. the registrar says there was a fight between two voters at one polling place, he didn't elaborate on what prompted it and said there are no major issues and we are told if you get here by 8:00, even despite that
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1